JOB seekers

Be detailed about the service you are offering and the goal of your job seeker. Emphasize its worth. Proofread your job seeker description before publishing to verify that there are no grammatical issues.


 You must use English in your job seeker descriptions, but you may use other languages as long as English is also available for all of the material.


 If you want to include an external link in your description, only use URLs from Alwass's permitted list.

 Never reveal your personal contact information or Mention contact or login information to other websites in your job seeker needs if they are truly necessary to your job seeker service.

Tell your customer what you need to get started by explicitly describing it on the job seeker requirements page. Of course, this only applies to you if your service cannot be done without exact details from your client.

job seeker Extras are additional services supplied in addition to the Seller's job seeker for a fee set by the Seller.

For breaches of our Terms of Service and/or Community Standards, job seeker Extras may be deleted. Please visit the job seeker section above for a list of services that breach our conditions of Service for specific conditions. Job seekers may be removed if breaches in their Extras are discovered.

The total amount of job seeker Extras that can be of fered as well as the price for each job seeker Extra, are determined by your Seller Level.

job seeker  Additions may include a variety of services that are part of a better-grade provided service.

Each job seeker Extra that is added to an Order allows sellers to add to the time period of the Order. This is to account for the time required to complete the additional service.





Jobs that aren't permitted Alwass


Academic fraud. Delivering tasks for a student to present for credit under their own profile or taking a test on behalf of the student.

There is content for adult audiences. Creating or promoting sexually explicit or pornographic content, such as erotic literature.

 Data extraction or scraping of information that you do not own or have the right to obtain, including information from the Alwass website.

 Fake advertising. Generate fake material or identities to promote a product, individual, or corporation  (for example, generating fictitious social media followers or writing fictitious product evaluations).

Disinformation. Creating fake news stories or fraudulent information with the intent to mislead people.

• Free service. Asking freelancers to work for free, i.e. submitting work as part of a contest or competition to "win" employment with no expectation of payment, or doing work for a charge that is less than alwass's necessary minimum rate.


• trying to hack a website, person, a company, or anything else.


• Jobs that are harmful or risky. Offering or asking work that may be damaging to another person or entity or might harm the person executing the activity.


• Illegal or dishonest employment. Offering or seeking work that is illegal or supposed to scam another individual or entity. This covers employment where the danger of fraud or violation of a law or regulation is high, as reviewed by alwass.


• Investigating someone in order to gather their personal information (similar to private investigations). It is acceptable to collect names, emails, and phone numbers for marketing and lead generating reasons.

• Positions that don't require experience or knowledge or that don't have real job objectives. Providing or demanding actions such as joining a referral program or a social media profile.



• Phishing and security risks. creating phishing tools or any other information security risk for a different website, person, business, or other entity.


• Professional dishonesty. executing a professional duty on behalf of another person, such as passing an exam or earning authority.



 • Information promoting self-harm. any material that promotes or encourages self-harm.

• Infractions of the Terms of Service (TOS). acting in a way that breaches the terms of service of Alwass or another business or website.


• Content with violence. producing or promoting any material that exalts or encourages violence.